Stage Lights

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Item Features Hire price
Par 56 300w
  • Available in 300w or 500w MFL (medium flood)
  • Gel and frames available on request
Fresnel 650watts $15.00
Par 64
  • 1000 watt MFL Lamp
  • Frames and Gel available on request
Pacific Profile 23-50
  • Great For Gobos
  • 1000watts
  • Useful throw distances : 21-25m
  • Lens tube with integral shutters rotates 360° allowing quick and precise setting of required shutter cuts.
Pacific Profile 45-75
  • Useful throw distances : 10-16m.
  • A super wide zoom range ideal for onstage applications; pattern projection for entertainment and architectural applications.
  • 1000watts
Fresnel 1000watts
  • Great Stage Wash
4 way Blinders
  • 2600 watt Blinders
LED Profile Light 15-30
  • Works with Plastic Gobos 
  • 16-bit dimming resolution for smooth fades
  • Flat, even field of light
  • Virtually silent operation for use in any situation
  • Simple and complex DMX channel profiles for programming versatility
  • Warm white ERS-style lighting fixture
COLORado 1 Solo Chauvet
  • Zooming RGBW LED wash for touring, rental and production indoors or out
  • Completely homogenized wash with superior color mixing and zoom
  • 8° to 55° smooth and fast zoom
  • All environment operation with IP rated power and DMX connections
  • Color temperature presets, from 3,200 K to 10,000 K
  • Selectable, smooth dimming curves for programming versatility
LED Cyc Light
  • Great Back drop light
  • Display a full spectrum of hues with RGBWA LEDs for versatility
  • Static color mixing without DMX control
  • Theatre-ready with 16-bit dimming of master dimmer and individual colors
  • Better coverage with two individually adjustable heads
  • Compact cyclorama wash lighting fixture