Kramer VP25XL Scaler Switcher

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  • 4 VGA/XGA Inputs
  • 4 Composite Inputs
  • 4 S-Video Inputs
  • 1 Scaled XGA Output
  • 1 non scaled XGA Output

The Kramer VP-25xl is a high quality Presentation Switcher / Scaler designed for a wide variety of presentation and multimedia applications. In one high performance unit, it combines the functions of a 4x1 switcher for composite video, a 4x1 switcher for s-Video, and a 4x1 switcher for VGA/XGA-type signals, all with their appropriate balanced stereo audio channels, and it also includes a high performance video scaler. The VP-25xl is designed to be a one-box solution for installations that would otherwise require several separate products. Each section can be controlled independently of the others. The scaler function can also be controlled independently, and is available on a separate HD-15 output. Any of the selected composite or Y/C inputs is available on the scaler output socket, and the user can select from three scaled output resolutions - 640x480(VGA), 800x600(SVGA) and 1024x768(XGA). The graphics input is routed "as-is" to the scaled output. The machine allows full ProcAmp processing of the scaled outputs, as well as H and V alignments. The selected inputs are simultaneously available on separate output sockets. The VP-25xl is controlled by front panel buttons