PR 250

         Rotating gobo wheel 
         7 interchangeable gobos + white, indexable, bi-directionally rotating 
         at variable speeds. 
         Fixed gobo wheel 
         7 gobos + white, the fixed gobo wheel can scroll at variable speeds. 
         Gobo outer diameter: 27.8mm, Gobo image diameter: 23.0mm 
          1 x 3 facet prism, bi-directional rotation at variable speeds 
         9 Dichroic colours plus white on each wheel 
         With variable speed bi-directional rainbow effect 

Based on the MSD250 lamp the Pilot 250 gives you three beam angles, automatic positional correction with encoders on the pan and tilt, two gobo wheels, a rotating prism and two colour temperature correction filters, which together with the colour wheel give you 26 colour combinations plus white. Just take a look at the technical data to see all the many functions in this fully featured moving head luminaire.